Hi everyone! It’s Paiton and Shannon from St. Joseph’s High School. We are currently taking on the Dominican Republic Team’s website as it is an important and exciting event that happens annually in our school. We will be updating the website regularly with total team coverage. You will be informed on every meeting, retreat, fundraiser, and the trip itself.

What is the DR Team? Every year, a group of grade 11’s and 12’s from St. Joes and Bishop Smith High School in Pembroke make a difference for the impoverished people in the Dominican Republic by bringing them hockey bags full of medical supplies, food, clothing, etc. For an entire week, they experience the conditions these people endure everyday. The team is split into small groups and spend their days visiting schools, building shelters, and visiting with families and sick citizens who are grateful for the gifts that our schools provide.

Throughout the year leading up to the trip, the team attends retreats, learns spanish, and holds fundraisers, such as bake sales, to raise money for charitable goods and the venture itself.

The lengthy preparation proves to be a much enjoyed experience that furthers their education and becomes a lifelong memory.