During the teams trip to the Dominican, their overall goal is to be able to give to those who are in need. The team became a part of the Yamasa communities by doing activities like painting houses, going to schools to see the students, dropping off medical and food supplies and over all just spending time with the residents of the Dominican.In this photo, Paige McGuire, a student here at St.Joe’s, is participating in the house painting activity with one of the Dominican children.IMG_1751.JPGEach and every year students are given the task of painting houses for the less fortunate. The home owners take great pride in their homes when they are colorful and bright and feel as though it is a very big deal to have them painted. Trips to the Dominican usually allow students from both St.Joe’s and Bishop Smith with the opportunity to meet many new people that are very kind and caring, like this little girl that Paige was lucky enough to have a chance to meet and take a picture with! Many of the Dominicans are very happy to see the students and can’t wait to have a chance to talk and spend time with them, and clearly the students feel the same.