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Eric Mcintyre , one of St. Josephs  Dominican Republic team members , spoke about his amazing experience on the trip. We asked Eric what his favorite part of the trip was and he replied, “My favorite part of the trip was being able to experience there lifestyle and see the amount of poverty”.

Eric mentioned how he was placed with a family staying in the city of Yamasa and made efforts to communicate with them even though there was a large language barrier,the family would make dinners and provide space for him to stay.

Eric revealed that this was a very spiritual trip filled with lots of emotions, every night the team had reflection groups to discuss different experiences they encountered during the day about the feelings they had when they went certain places or seen certain things.

We asked Eric if there was any part of the trip that surprised him, he replied ” One of the things that really surprised me was how extreme the poverty actually was. I never actually knew what a batey was before I left for the trip so seeing an active batey was a real shock”.

Eric and the team had the opportunity of delivering 22 ptp kits and 19 friendship kits to people who are in need.This is typically when the team encounters some of the most emotional experiences because they have a chance to actually meet and talk to the people living in that life style.