The Dominican Republic was home to some new members this past week, as the SJHS D.R team travels to Yamasa to supply the city with medical supplies and community service. The team is traveling with 16 “PTP kits”, these kits are filled with various medical supplies that were donated by the Renfrew Victoria Hospital, and local dentists and doctors offices. Each PTP kit costs $575 but contains upwards of a thousand dollars in medical supplies. They are staying with families to learn the language and culture of the people. The families will make them suppers and try to communicate with them although there is a minor language barrier. The team will travel to the poorest section of the Dominican to experience life from that point of view. This is often a tough experience for many because there is such poverty in the area and the residents have very little. They will be participating in activities like painting houses to provide people with a sense of pride in their homes, visiting St.Joe’s sister school, delivering friendship kits witch have approximately 1 month worth of food for families who are less fortunate and they participate in reflection groups to talk about the powerful experiences the team have had well they were there. The team departed a week ago and is due to return February 10th.