Dominican Republic Experience

Fundraisers For The Cause

For our yearly trip to the Dominican Republic, the DR team organizes monthly and weekly. These fundraiser to help with costs of the “friendship kits” which contain about a months worth of food for a whole family, and “PTP” which have various medical supplies, for the Dominican Republic. The weakly fundraiser takes place every Friday, during lunch, in front of the gym, the DR team sells Popa Jack pop corn, and on the last Friday of the month, the pop corn is replaced with a bake sale. Remember to bring some change if you would like some top notch snacks, feel free to come and support the cause!

The Goal Of Giving

During the teams trip to the Dominican, their overall goal is to be able to give to those who are in need. The team became a part of the Yamasa communities by doing activities like painting houses, going to schools to see the students, dropping off medical and food supplies and over all just spending time with the residents of the Dominican. Continue reading “The Goal Of Giving”

Reliving The Experience

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Eric Mcintyre , one of St. Josephs  Dominican Republic team members , spoke about his amazing experience on the trip. We asked Eric what his favorite part of the trip was and he replied, “My favorite part of the trip was being able to experience there lifestyle and see the amount of poverty”.

Continue reading “Reliving The Experience”

Dominican Republic Experience 2016


The Dominican Republic was home to some new members this past week, as the SJHS D.R team travels to Yamasa to supply the city with medical supplies and community service. The team is traveling with 16 “PTP kits”, these kits are filled with various medical supplies that were donated by the Renfrew Victoria Hospital, and local dentists and doctors offices. Continue reading “Dominican Republic Experience 2016”

Adult Euchre Fundraiser

The DR Team will be holding another fundraiser to support the 2015 trip. They will be hosting a 6-handed euchre tournament at the Douglas Tavern on January 31st at 7pm. Players can register in teams and must contribute $20/person. This fee will also include a small lunch for the teams.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Louise Neville at 432-5846. All of the money raised at this worthwhile event will be used towards the purchase of food and medical equipment for the citizens of Jamasa, DR.

Official Dates of This Year’s Trip!!

Here is a quick post informing you of the official dates for the 2015 Dominican Republic Trip. The team will leave St. Joes on Thursday, February 5th and travel to Bishop Smith High School in Pembroke. They will stay the night at Bishop before leaving for the airport early Friday morning. After a week of visiting and aiding the people in need, they will return to St. Joes on Friday, February 13th.

Final Results of DRE Bingo Draw

The results are in! The winner is… Roberta Nykyforak! She will be receiving the grand prize of $500!

Check out how close you were by clicking here!

DRE Bingo 2014

Recently, the Dominican Republic Team sold some bingo numbers to raise some more money for their trip. Here are the results from the first few draws:

We will be bringing the latest bingo numbers to you as soon as we receive them!

Good luck!

Interview with a DR Team Member

With the 2015 Dominican Republic Trip approaching, we decided to sit down with Caitlyn Donohue, a member of the team and a student of St. Joes, to find out what they have been doing to prepare and how the trip impacts the volunteers lives.

Q: We heard you were on a retreat a couple weeks ago, how was that experience? What did you like most about the retreat?

A: It was good! I liked how close it brought our team and how it built stronger relationships with all of our teammates.

Q: When did you decide you wanted to be a part of the team?

A: Throughout elementary school when they came in for presentations. These presentations interested me and made me want to go on this trip. Continue reading “Interview with a DR Team Member”

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